Customer Segmentation & Ecommerce Analytics App

Best customer segmentation and eCommerce analytics app. Grow Shopify sales and exponentially increase eCommerce revenue today!

Predictive & Robust Analytics for Your Store

Targeting right audience and managing data now made easy!

Generate more revenue, cultivate loyal customers and enhance product strategy with our advanced, easy to comprehend dashboards for managing your e-commerce business.

Market and customer segmentation are some of the most important tasks in eCommerce and Audiencefy groups similar data point into a predefined number of groups.

Easy to use individual customer analytics summary and growth overview weaved into customer behavior together over  various events into journeys from your customers’ point of view.

Drill down to see which orders, ad campaigns, and products are making the most profit and understand performance changes in poorly performing campaigns.

Now Available on the Shopify App Store!

Audiencefy integrated with your shopify store to automatically populate customers order information, individual customer data and journey, analytics, insights and more.


Customer Segmentation that clearly drives value

Until now, targeting right audience and managing purchase data has been difficult and complicated — Audiencefy makes it easy

Amplify customer personalization with predefined segments

Customer Segmentation includes over 20+ unique segments that can be exported and uploaded into your preferred marketing platform. For each segment, see insights including Lifetime Value, Revenue, Average Order Value, and the Most Commonly Purchased Products.

Power your email marketing with highly customizable segments

Audiencefy allows you to create more specific email campaigns for your customers by segmenting your Shopify customers into 20+ predefined audience segments. It not only increases your brand’s engagement but also improves the conversion rates exponentially.

Do a lot more A/B testing with your audience based on which segment they belong to.

Get super granular with segmentation

Understand product Segments, such as most profitable products or best bundles, and drill down to Individual segments to learn more about what’s helping or hurting your store’s performance. Audiencefy’s segmentation will provide you with granular levels of information needed to optimize your store’s sales strategy.

Customer Behaviour Analysis

Widespread data is a major problem for reporting and analytics in ecommerce. If ideas are scattered between hundreds of spreadsheets, you’re left to try to put together with a complicated puzzle.

Audiencefy provides you with a valuable insights into the quality of consumer life and purchasing behaviour.

Personalization with audiencefy


More Capabilities Baked Into the Platform

Audiencefy has all the right tools you need to make a successful ecommerce business

Predefined Segments

Choose from over 20+ audience segments that you can export to your favourite marketing channels.

Custom Segmentation

Customized, targeted marketing campaigns can generate as much as a 760 percent increase in revenue. Our custom segmentation function allows you to know endless ways of increasing revenue.

eCommerce Integration

Audiencefy permits you to develop custom applications through third-party software like Magento, Shopify, Big Commerce and many more so that you can add features or improve upon business processes.

Advanced Filtering

Use the pre-filtering feature of Audiencefy to get granular with the targeting. Use metrics like average AOV, Customer LTV, revenue generated and much more.

Unlimited Data Analyzed

Every business today deals with the unlimited amount of data that they need to make sense of on a regular basis. This data is useless if companies cannot gain important insights from them.

Easy Export

Export your segmented audiences with just a click of a button.Seamless integration with your marketing platform helps to create customer segment lists within seconds.

eCommerce Analytics: A Brief Rundown

This video will recapitulate the features of Audiencefy and it’s detailed analytics tools for your eCommerce store.

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Easy Integrations with your favorite tools

Explore hundreds of Audiencefy integrations to speed up your workflow or create customized integrations with our SDKs / API developers.



  • Free Plan
  • 5 Predefined Segments
  • 1 Integration
  • Segment Analytics
  • Customer Analytics
  • Product Analytics
  • 90 Days Data Analysed


$ 49 Monthly
  • 10 Predefined Segments
  • 5 Integrations
  • Segment Analytics
  • Customer Analytics
  • Product Analytics
  • Excel/CSV export
  • 2 Years Data Analysed


$ 99 Monthly
  • 15 Predefined Segments
  • 10 Integrations
  • Segment Analytics
  • Customer Analytics
  • Product Analytics
  • Excel/CSV export
  • 5 Years Data Analysed


$ 299 Monthly
  • 20 Predefined Segments
  • Unlimited Integrations
  • Segment Analytics
  • Customer Analytics
  • Product Analytics
  • Excel/CSV export
  • Unlimited Data Analysed
  • Data Sync from Amazon Store
  • White Label


Comprehensive eCommerce Blogs

Discover the most relevant content for eCommerce topics and trends to boost your store performance.


Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions, answered.

Audiencefy.io is the best ecommerce analytics app for store owners. There is no integration effort required on your part — simply install the app and we build all reports and insights for you. Our customers use Segments for

  • Intuitive reporting to measure business health and customer conversion funnel
  • Actionable insights from their customers’s buying journey to increase lifetime value
  • Customer segmentation to personalize treatment and marketing campaigns

You get access to all reporting, analytics, and segmentation for the last 90 days. If you like what you see, you can upgrade to get advanced filtering, date ranges, and export volume. See our pricing plans for more info.

Our primary ecommerce platform support is Shopify, where you can export all the customer.

We take data privacy and security very seriously. You can read our privacy policy and data handling policy for the precise details. In plain English: We keep your data private, protected, and used only to help optimize your store.

Yup! We are building new features and insights all the time. When we find something interesting, all of our customers get access to it. You can email us directly at [email protected]

You can send us an email on [email protected]

There is zero integration required on your part. Once you create an account and approve installation, we kick off the data onboarding process, which can take up to a few hours depending on how big your store is. We will notify you by email when everything is ready.

Increase your sales with Audiencefy

With a better understanding of who your customers are, what they’re looking for and what campaigns they interact with, optimize your efforts.

Reduce cart abandonment

Combat the number of people who abandon their shopping cart and recapture the customers before they are long gone.

Identify popular products

Find trending products from your stock with high sales potential that are skyrocketing your popularity.

Increase sales and revenue

Market research and eCommerce analytics open doors to new opportunities within your existing clientele. Upsell as part of your normal marketing strategy.

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