The 10 Best Apps For Successful Shopify Dropshipping Stores

Dropshipping – a term that any marketer who checked how online businesses work has probably come across.

Dropshipping is one of a business model that allows eCommerce brands to function without maintaining inventory, owning a warehouse to store their products, or even having to ship their products to their customers themselves. 

The overall dropshipping takes place in 3 steps, take a look.

Step 1 – The customer places an order for a product on the retailer’s eCommerce online store.

Step 2 – The eCommerce marketer automatically forwards the order and customer details to the dropship vendor.

Step 3 – The dropship vendor packages and ships the order directly to the customer in the retailer’s name.

When you plan to establish your first eCommerce business, sourcing inventory can be one of the most complicated segments of the process.

Any new marketers who plan to run a business should start through dropshipping as it’s one of the simplest, minimal risks, and yet still a rewarding way to set in motion a business.

When it comes to dropshipping, Shopify is the supreme eCommerce platform and is the best solution for building your independent storefront.

Unlike wholesalers, If you are a drop shipper then odds are the cost of your product is much higher and your functional costs are lower. 

Shopify with 2000+ apps focuses on eradicating the snags and creating substantial advantages in terms of sales, marketing, and store management for Shopify dropshipping businesses.

Now out of so many Shopify apps, Consider the following best Shopify dropshipping apps to help you source inventory for your dropshipping eCommerce business.

10 Best Apps For Successful Shopify Dropshipping Stores


Oberlo is a  notable dropshipping  app for retailers who are looking for drop shipping stores . The app enables you to effortlessly import items from AliExpress or Oberlo Marketplace into your Shopify store and export them directly to your customers within a few clicks. 

When a user orders something then it will be automatically synced to the Oberlo technique where the other things from packaging to shipping the order will be taken care of. 

In Oberlo, inventory and costs are timely updated, so you never sell a product that is not in stock or the retail costs are high.

Oberlo is a well known app because it enforces a system that automatically syncs products, order tracking, and product information with your Shopify store.

Key features:

  • Oberlo marketplace has one of the biggest selections of items on the web and you can easily search for items from any vendors.
  • Oberlo then immediately syncs the information to your store when you finally select the products you like.
  • All selected items remain updated in your store. So if any item is out of stock, your users won’t turn out purchasing it.
  • It has a Free Starter Plan that drop shippers can easily use even if they don’t 
  • When adding products, you get info on the number of sales and general popularity of the product in question.

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Next kind of dropshipping product resource is print on demand. 

Printful makes it simple to sell printed products on Shopify such as t-shirts, tank tops, canvases, posters.

When you launch the Printful app then you need to select the variety of product, upload your design and publish them to your Shopify dropshipping store.

When a buyer orders something, it will be automatically synced to Printful so they can print the item using your design and ship it to your customer.

Printful provides a different kind of a dropshipping setup.

Unlike other apps that offer a large option of suppliers to choose from and then inhabit your store with a larger number of several products, Printful is your go-to “print on demand” drop shipper.

Printful combines tailored printing and drop shipping so that you can sell anything from posters to t-shirts, and pillows to mugs. 

The best thing about Printful is that it has an amazing collection of quality products, and the design module is well-structured for you to upload your designs and start selling them on Shopify.

Key features:

  • Printful handles printing and dropshipping both for you. You only have to develop your products and it also has user- friendly graphic uploading tools are
  • Printful offers thousands of stocks in its library, making it easy to sell tailored and branded items.
  • Printful is in several locations such as California and North Carolina. Hence, you can get your products shipped to customers in an adequate timeline.
  • All the articles in the catalog have its own price, and on the too you get to set your own retail price tag. Revenue is dependent on you.
  • With the help of this eCommerce business model, you don’t have to pay anything before you actually start making money.

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Printify is an alternative to Printful. From your customer’s point of view, they deliver a very similar product – shirts, accessories, mugs, phone cases, and other items with your designs on them.

Printify connects you to a network of 90+ print providers, and there are 200+ different items to choose from in total. Apart from selling via Shopify, you can also offer your products via Etsy and WooCommerce, with eBay support coming soon.

If you plan on selling custom printed products and dropshipping them, we would recommend trying out both Printful and Printify to see which one gives you better returns and more sales. Neither company will hold your business hostage, so you can test them out for a period of time before making a final decision.

That being said, Printify does come with both free and paid plans. So it’s not just the product fee that you have to pay when selling (Printful doesn’t have any subscription fees).

Key features:

  • You get to choose from over 200 custom products on Printify.
  • Printify has a large network of printers so that you’re always getting the highest quality products.
  • You’re able to put your own branding on the packaging.
  • The mockup generator is simple to understand and upload your own designs.
  • You can also integrate your products with Etsy and WooCommerce.

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Another is pocket which is an excellent alternative to Oberlo as it is more advanced than Oberlo in terms of the quality of vendors.

Many vendors come from Europe and the US, so it’s great for merchants based in those parts of the globe.

SPocket is also an amazing tool to build a Shopify dropshipping store but you should keep it fairly local and not have packages be sent from China but rather support suppliers from Europe or the US.

Apart from Shopify integration, SPocket also offers a module for WooCommerce, which might be useful to those who already run their main websites on WordPress.

Key features:

  • SPocket allows you to work with European and US manufacturers which leads to faster shipping to local stores.
  • SPocket in terms of  pricing is considerably competitive of all apps on this list. It offers around 45% of discount to marketers.
  • Your eCommerce store  branding is expanded to all receipts and invoices that go out. 
  • The real-time shipment tracking keeps your customers in the loop.
  • The products are of good quality as they were traded mainly from the US, Canada, and Europe.
  • SPocket also has a few options for testing out products before putting them on your website

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SMAR7 Express

SMAR7 Express

Now we have a SMAR7 Express app which is similar to Oberlo and pocket. 

For Shopify, It is a full dropshipping solution with a huge collection of products to select from.

SMAR7 Express proposes a decent integration with AliExpress, enabling you to import products with just one click.

Imports involve product descriptions, images, and variants, you can also fulfill your orders in a similarly simple fashion – one click and the order is on its way to the customer.

Besides you can ask SMAR7 Express to locate vendors for the current products you have in your store already then you might determine that you’ll make more money not storing or shipping the item as you’ve done before.

Key features:

  • SMAR7 Express has an exceptionally smooth integration process with Shopify. You link up to AliExpress and instantly transfer items you like into your store.
  • You also have the choice to take your formerly listed items and get them fulfilled by a supplier – It is a unique advantage of SMAR7 Express.
  • Although most of the AliExpress suppliers are in Southeast Asia, SMAR7 Express still tries to improve shipping times by using the ePacket shipping option.

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Modalyst is another Shopify Dropshipping app where you search for items and sync them with your online eCommerce store.

Unlike others, Modalyst directs on giving access to name brand suppliers like Calvin Klein, Timberland, and Puma. 

However, the pricing is much higher than the average Chinese vendor, but you’re proficient to offer the best possible products to your customers. 

Modalyst delivers a whole curated catalog of vendors from the US and Europe. You will not find their products with any of the other dropshipping apps.

You can also discuss with your vendors directly and create a better connection with them.

Key features:

  • Modalyst mainly dropships with known brand products, so your users will not have questions while buying from you.
  • With Modalyst you can partner with autonomous brands which is a great way to improve margins.
  • Unlike other drop shipping apps, the shipping is faster and also you will get free shipping to the United States as many drop shippers are from the US.
  • Modalyst provides an excellent tool for pricing rules. It helps with automatically setting and changing prices based on how much profit you’d like to make.
  • Modalyst has a free plan for up to 25 products per month.

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Inventory Source

Inventory Source is an effective app in the dropshipping world as it has the proficiency to list your products to not only Shopify but to other places such as Amazon and eBay.

Inventory Source supports over 20 different eCommerce platforms that enable you more flexibility and reach with your customers.

Inventory Source offers more than 180 pre-integrated vendors and also enables you to put in your own vendors.

The data of all the products is automatically uploaded, and pertained to inventory syncing. Accordingly, you can organize your catalog using Inventory Source’s cataloging and customization tools.

One of the best things about Inventory Source is that there is no middleman who has to be paid. You only pay for the monthly subscription to Inventory Source and the product rates that you get come directly from the vendors.

Key features:

  •  Inventory Source has around 180 suppliers with dozens of sectors for you to select from.
  • In this app the automation devices and management spaces are moderately easy to understand..
  • Inventory Source has a free account with access to all the vendors.
  • If you upgrade to paid plans you can also include custom or private integrations.
  • The customer support of Inventory Source will help you on many parts of your eCommerce business, including backorders and returns.

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Spreadr App

Now we have Spreadr App that also takes an interesting technique to drop shipping.

Unlike other apps, who let you connect with numerous vendors and import their items to your Shopify store, Spreadr connects you directly to Amazon and allows you to list items as an affiliate.

The basic difference here is that instead of working with vendors, you rather facilitate their products on your store for a slight cut as a commission.

For this, you have to first log in for Amazon’s affiliate program and the basic commission is at 4%.

Nevertheless Spreadr app extends a more traditional dropshipping format where you can acquire orders in your store and have them fulfilled by Amazon suppliers but it is possibly not the most optimized kind of a dropshipping business format. 

Key features:

  • Spreadr app provides you a rare chance to view items that are already selling well on Amazon.
  • It has an instant import tool, where you can check on Amazon and immediately add products to your store for selling.
  • In Spreadr dropshipping is permitted, but you can also choose to simply put up with an affiliate commission if it suits you.

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Gooten is another popular App for dropshippers as on one side it has the massive option of custom products for you to sell in your Shopify dropshipping store.

Gooten has the feature to customize you can find and design more unusual things like totes, phone cases, and more. 

Gooten as compared to Printify and Printful is fat better in terms of the selection. 

Still all these products come from a broad range of printers, so if your customer puts in five items from five different printers, they receive five boxes and have to pay for shipping on all of them separately.

However, the product catalog is really amazing, with a lot of different items in it. 

For instance, you can sell things like tot towels, printed canvas, registers, magazines, travel bags, and other main things like t-shirts and mugs. 

With Gooten, you pay only for the products themselves and there are no monthly fees involved.

Key features:

  • Gooten offers all in one package such as custom printing and drop shipping.
  • The variety of products of Gooten is impressive, and even the product types are different.
  • Organizing all the orders is easy for both the customer and the marketers.
  • Gooten is located in New York City which means faster shipping in the United States.
  • Gooten app is entirely free to install and you only spend when you make a sale.

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Lastly we have, Dripshipper – Shopify dropshipping app which is different from many apps enlisted here as they allow you to select from a number of categories but Dripshipper is only for coffee.

Exciting, isn’t it?

With Dripshipper, you can sell your own branded coffee with your company logo on it.

If you ever wished to be a coffee magnate? Well now you have your chance.

The main point about Dripshipper is that it has very promising reviews and the app has a huge number of users.

So, if you prefer to dropship coffee through Shopify then Dripshipper is the accurate way to do it.

Dripshipper along with the labels and other information on the package also enable you to design your own coffee and coffee packaging and then ship orders to your customers whenever you make a sale.

Key features:

  • Dripshipper is your best dropshipping app if you want to open the coffee business.
  • Dripshipper delivers orders within three days for US customers.
  • It has easy to understand tools for the order packaging and coffee design.
  • Drop shipping also has a free 14-day trial.

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Final Thoughts

Dropshipping enterprises act as product curators, choosing the right blend of products to market to customers. It proposes ample benefits to encourage eCommerce companies to enhance their business substantially.

With thousands of apps in the Shopify App Store, you have a lot of alternatives when it comes to extending the functionality of your online store.

The aforementioned apps are the best Shopify dropshipping apps that can be recommended to any marketer to employ for their own eCommerce business 


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