10 Best Shopify Analytics Apps

With so many other tasks involved in eCommerce brand marketing, how are you keeping a track of your store data?

In 2020, if you are not monitoring your store data to improve the way your store works or customer segmentation, you might be out of the marketing game soon.

Well!! There is a cohesive platform to uphold your eCommerce brand – Shopify

Shopify is a very well thought out design built by few smart eCommerce minds to handle large inventory easily. 

Around 87% of merchants are currently using Shopify and $100+ billion in total sales on the platform to date.

Shopify is one of the simplest and most affordable ways to establish a robust-looking website for your eCommerce business.

What is a Shopify Analytics App?

Shopify App has an analytics dashboard that allows you to carefully examine how many online store sessions you generate, key sales, first-time purchasers, how many of your customers return to make more purchases as well as analyze your average order value. 

There are several important eCommerce metrics in the dashboard of Shopify Analytics to help you track how your eCommerce store is working. Let’s take a look at it:

  • Total Sales: the amount of revenue your site has earned over the selected date range and It includes taxes, gross sales, and shipping.
  • Online Store Sessions: It represents the total number of customers visited your store in a specified period. It also includes repeated visits to the same customer. Also, it is important to understand that the number of online store sessions will increase if the same user comes back to the store again, but it will not change the number of visitors. 
  • Returning Customer Rate: It analyzes the percentage of the customers who have purchased from you more than once. 
  • Online Store Conversion Rate: It tracks the percentage of visits of customers that leads them to purchase. 
  • Average Order Value: It shows the total revenue generated by your brand in a specified period divided by the total number of customer orders. 
  • Total Orders: This is exactly what it sounds like, the number of individual orders placed over the period.
  • Top Products By Units Sold: This tells you which products are most popular with the number of products bought. 
  • Store Sessions By Location: displays the number of visits sorted by which country they came from.
  • Store Sessions By Device Type: It briefs you about devices(mobile, desktop, and tablet) users are using to access your site, and how many visits from each type of device.
  • Store Sessions By Source: This especially useful metric tells you how many of your visits came from where. Such as reference, direct, social, or email. 
  • Sales Attributed To Marketing: Attributed marketing sales are associated with a marketing effort that you are managing under Shopify’s Marketing section, as well as sales from any URLs with a UTM parameter to track campaigns.
  • Top Referrers By Session: This counts users who clicked on links from other sites, not users who typed in your URL directly.

Best Shopify Analytics Apps

Let’s take a closer look at top trending Shopify Analytics Apps that can help you to market your brand more efficiently and boost your business revenue:

1. Audiencefy

Audiencefy is the best segmentation and customer analytics app for eCommerce. 

It offers business intelligence, and automation to help your brand yield more revenue, acquire loyal customers, optimize market strategy, and drive profitability through it. 

It also gives you a detailed daily executive summary direct in your Inbox, for you to not worry about finding metrics like AOV, Revenue, Orders, or New or returning customers.

It works with Mailchimp, Magento, Google Adwords, Facebook. 

Key features of Audiencefy: 

  • Predefined Segments
  • Advanced Filtering
  • Easy Export
  • Custom Segmentation
  • Customer Analytics
  • Facebook Custom Audience Export
  • Integrations – Webhooks, SendInBlue, Mail Chimps

Price – $299/month plan.

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2. Sensai Metrics

Sensai Metrics has 7+ years in data science experience. 

It is a SAAS based app to analyze eCommerce stores with different data science models and AI, they firstly centralize all the data from an eCommerce platform and analyze it to give customers actionable insights to help them grow their store, optimize their budget. 

It works with Klaviyo, Mailchimp, Woocommerce, Magento, Sensai API, Google Adwords, Facebook, Shopify.

Key features of Sensai Metrics:

  • Budget allocation
  • Metrics by source and channel
  • Increase customer retention
  • List builder
  • Custom Insights

Price: $179/ per month

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3. Revtap.ai

The main objective of Revtap.ai is to optimize the store design for more conversions and help them strategize their product promotions.

It is an eCommerce analytics app for Shopify powered by artificial intelligence that offers online stores to increase revenue along with business intelligence.

Revtap.ai is an all-in-one intelligence platform that brings data from all your marketing and analytics apps to one dashboard and then uses eCommerce intelligence to suggest high-converting marketing strategies and increase your store revenue.

It works with Shopify and Shopify plus, Google Adwords, Facebook, Mailchimps and others.

Key features of Revtap.ai

  • 24+ customer behavior based segments
  • Complete customer profiles
  • Exportable lists
  • One-click Shopify integration
  • Google Analytics, Facebook, Active campaign Integration
  • Performance Analytics report

Price : $49.99/month

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4. Conversific

Conversific is the latest eCommerce analytics tool for Shopify that helps you grow online sales by optimizing your traffic and conversion and then ultimately gather better accurate data.

It is trusted by 5,000+ online stores worldwide as it can help you to make intelligent decisions to grow your eCommerce site and analyzes data and shows users how to optimize various areas in business.

It works with Shopify and Woocommerce.

Key features of Conversific:

  • eCommerce reports
  • eCommerce Benchmarks
  • Product and Customer Analytics
  • Weekly and Monthly report
  • Data Insight

Price: $29.00 per month

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5. Segments Analytic

Segments Analytics app provides advanced eCommerce customer intelligence to turn customers into repeats. It also offers you the analytical powers without the price tag, so you can uncover hidden data insights and take action via prebuilt segmentation to grow your business.

Integrates with Klaviyo, Mailchimp, Facebook Audience, ReCharge, ActiveCampaign, Google Audience

Key features of Segments Analytics:

  • Executive Summary
  • Prebuilt Segmentation
  • Customer Cohorts
  • Email ROI
  • Product ROI
  • Increase CLV
  • One-click customer segmentation

Price : $239/month

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6. ShopIQ

IQLECT brings enterprise-grade real-time predictive analytics and data science platforms for your Shopify store – ShopIQ.

It drives conversions, improves sales, makes precise predictions, and identifies trends with their predictive analytics and machine learning capabilities.

eCommerce Analytics

Key features of ShopIQ:

  • Real-Time Predictive Analytics
  • LTV and Inventory Forecasting
  • DataScience Platform
  • Inventory Prediction
  • Predictive Lead Scoring
  • Data Science Capabilities
  • Comprehensive Reports and Fully Customizable Dashboards
  • Custom Notification and Reports

Price : $399/month

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7. Putler 

Putler is a seamless business reporting app. It handles the regular collection of data and process work accordingly so that you can review your sales analysis and business growth.

They also have open source connectors for popular WordPress eCommerce plugins.

It works with Woocommerce, Paypal, Stripe, Braintree, Bigcommerce, eBay, Mail chimp, Google Analytics, and many others.

Key features of Putler:

  • Provide Analytics to SAAS ad Non – SAAS business
  • Provides RFM Segmentation
  • Instant transaction lookup.
  • Avoid intuition and guesswork

Price : $149/month

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8. Canecto

Canecto is an eCommerce analytics app for Shopify that provides a Web Analytics report that lets you know how to boost your online sales. It looks at both traffic and onsite improvement options.

The main objective of Canecto is to engage our customers in a journey that will transform them from a data-driven learner into a confident digital professional.

It works with Magento, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Sitecore, and others.

Key features of Web-stat:

  • Real-time analytics
  • Track all visitors
  • Geo-customization
  • Event tracking

Price: $199/Month

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9. Web-stat

Web-Stat is a real-time eCommerce analytics app for Shopify that has been designing traffic analysis systems since 1997 and currently serves 130,000 web sites worldwide.

Their main focus is to provide stats that are accurate and friendly enough to be understood by anyone, even those who don’t have a background in data analysis.

Key features of Web-stat:

  • Real-time analytics
  • Track all visitors
  • Geo-customization
  • Event tracking

Price: $199/Month

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10. Yandex Metrica

Yandex. Metrica is a powerful eCommerce analytics app fro Shopify that combines advanced reporting tools with heat maps and session replay

Yandex. Metrica is a free website traffic eCommerce analytics app for Shopify. It has several additional unique features in-built just like Google Analytics. Yandex. Metrica is the second-largest web-analysis service in Europe. It’s GDPR compliant.

It is a free tool for evaluating site traffic and analyzing user behavior Created by the Russian company Yandex.

shopify analyticsKey features of Yandex.Metrica:

  • Descriptive reports
  • Record the actions of individual users
  • Find out what people are searching for on your site
  • Collect statistics
  • Keep track of conversion rates.

Price: You pay with your customer data

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Final Thoughts

In the hyper-competitive market, eCommerce Analytics apps for Shopify help you to dig deeper into your product performance and marketing campaigns, it also uses your data to lead smart customer and product segments.

All these above shared Shopify Analytics apps will have a great and positive impact on your business productivity as none of them would disappoint you. They all have the quality to share a clear overview of how your store is running and what elements you need to work on further

Now, if you want to be one step ahead of others then try Audeincefy, it is a well-detailed analysis tool for in-depth tracking of the success of your marketing efforts and helps you to plan how to perfectly capitalize on your users, based on their behavior.


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