Merging Shopify and Google Analytics Data


Shopify is great. It solves the issue, it’s an amazing SaaS product. And during all this pandemic more and more people are moving online using Shopify.  Now, most merchants rely on Google Analytics to track sales and revenues and track which channel generates how much revenues. GA is also an amazing product, solves major issues … Read more

We Are Making Audiencefy Free For 6 Months

The pandemic, unfortunately, shows no sign of abatement at the time of writing this blog. Over 175 countries have reported active cases of COVID-19, known to be caused by the new coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2). Governments across the world are going to extreme lengths to try and contain its spread and the consequent malaise. And, what has … Read more

eCommerce Conversion Rate Optimization Guide – 2020 Edition


The eCommerce conversion rate tells you how well all your digital engines are working to get your customers to buy your products. Your eCommerce conversion rate optimization is the process you need to perform to essentially lubricate the digital engines – keeping your website up-to-date with the latest eCommerce marketing trends and performing some routine … Read more

Free Shopify Apps for eCommerce During Covid19

We are all aware of how adversely this pandemic, COVID-19 has affected the entire world. And the eCommerce ecosystem is no different, we’ve all taken this hit with equal intensity.  Being in such an unprecedented situation, one which will continue to develop in the coming weeks and months, it’s interesting to look at how customer’s … Read more

What Is Micro-segmentation and How Will It Improve My Mobile Marketing?


In general terms, we all know segmentation is the process where customers are grouped on the basis of certain recurring characteristics. These groups are known to be “segments”.  What is micro-segmentation then? Micro-segmentation is an evolution of general segmentation that helps modern marketers take a sharp-edge approach towards marketing. Customers are further divided into much … Read more

eCommerce Marketing Trends To Follow in 2020

eCommerce marketing is a multibillion-dollar business today, who better than Jeff Bezos would second that statement! A vast economy in itself that has a versatile ecosystem and trends that are ever-changing. The graph of eCommerce marketing trends needs to be monitored very carefully, not just as a hobby but it needs to be analyzed at … Read more

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