How to Boost Conversions for Newly Opened eCommerce Stores

Ask a newly launched eCommerce store-owner as to what is of most importance to them, and without blinking an eye, they will say — traffic. Almost all newly opened stores are obsessed with increasing their traffic. Undoubtedly, most eCommerce store owners are obsessed with traffic so much so that they only focus on enhancing the traffic influx without ever trying enough to improve their conversion rate. 

So What Is a Conversion Rate?

Conversion rate is the measure of the number of website visitors who convert on an offer or make a purchase or perform the desired action. Boosting your conversions will help you push your visitors further down into the sales funnel. The more people you convert, the more people you bring closer to purchase. After all, your end goal is to get people to the end of the funnel.

If you don’t focus enough on the conversion rate, it will be tough for you to measure the success of your marketing efforts and if they are performing well or not. 

To increase your conversions, we’ve carefully curated this guide considering you’re a beginner All you need now is your desire and effort to win more customers for your newly launched online store. 

Here is a 10-point checklist that will help you

Make it easy for your visitors to find the right products on-site

product onsite

One of the major obstacles that hinder a great experience for any shopper is when they can’t find the products they’re looking for.  Shoppers could easily get frustrated when they type a product but an unrelated item is shown on the results page. This dips your conversion rate drastically as the shopper is not getting what they are looking to have. Getting your customers exactly what they want is key to improving your conversions.

The better your on-site search results are, the higher the chances of converting your shoppers and to make that possible you can :

  • Implement a faceted search and navigation
  • Improve search results relevance

Write Convincing Product Details & Titles

product onsite

People read product titles and descriptions before buying a product because if they are not, the chances are high that your shopper will not take any action. It is highly recommended to write product titles and descriptions which provide quick information on what the product is like. You must invest in writing product titles and descriptions that are relatable to your target audience. They should sound as if you’re just conversing with someone else. 

You need to ensure that your products are named and formatted properly. This will increase the chances that they will be found by shoppers easily, This could enhance your conversion rate.

You could pay more attention to these elements – Brand Name, Variant / Color / Flavor Size / Quantity, keywords, etc.

Stunning Product Images

product images

Because people are highly visual creatures, your product images should be optimized for conversion too. Believe us or not, high-quality product images can tempt a shopper to buy a certain product even when they had no plans of buying it earlier.

Make sure that they have high resolution. In fact, visitors who seen high-quality product photos are three times more likely to convert compared to those who have not. You could also choose to provide a 360-degree view of the product for your shopper to make a well-informed 

Offer Single Page Checkout

single page checkout

No one wants to go through the lengthy checkout process. While we understand that the checkout page is one of the best ways to know your customers better and collect their information, but it is also one of the areas that your customers seriously hate. Imagine yourself in a supermarket. You’re about to pay for your grocery items and there are only two counters open: one with a short line and the other with a long queue. Now, a sane mind will always choose the latter because it’s a quicker way out.

So is the case with your online customers, nobody likes to go through a long hassled checkout process!

P.S. compared to a multi-page checkout, a single-page checkout is normally faster and shorter.

Lead Magnets

lead magnets

Lead magnets help you acquire leads. A content-based lead magnet is a compelling offer that you can trade to your potential customers in exchange for a specific action. Lead magnets in the form of contents vary according to what will be effective in your industry and to your audience. The most popular ones are downloadable content like whitepapers or DIY guides. Lead magnets not only help you in convincing your customers to take a certain action, but they also help in their buying journey overall. 

Upsell & Cross-Sell Products

Whenever shoppers show high interest to buy a product, make sure they won’t just purchase one item. Make the most out of every opportunity that you have. Maximizing your customers’ average order value will push your shoppers to buy not just a single product, but even more than what they initially planned to purchase.

Upselling and cross-selling are two highly effective marketing disciplines that are often combined to increase average order value. An upselling strategy is simply promoting other items that are superior or an upgrade to the product a customer is currently browsing. Cross-selling strategy, on the other hand, offers complementary or supplementary items such as accessories.

How about suggesting mobile phone covers and other accessories when they buy a mobile phone? Or, suggesting to them a superior product of what they are buying now?

Simple tactics like these can boost your conversion rates noticeably.

Social proof & Security

If you are a newly opened store, trust is one factor that will need to build to get the maximum traction from your customers. Social proof explains that consumers will consider the opinions and recommendations of other people in their purchase decision-making process. Shoppers not only want to buy legit and authentic products but they also want to ensure that the platform from where they are buying is trustworthy enough. 

But, since you are a newly opened store, you still don’t have customer reviews to showcase. You can display social proof in a lot of ways. you can simply show recent on-site activities done by other shoppers, by simply showing recent on-site activities, you can show the number of people currently browsing a product.

Offer Last Minute Deals To the Abandoning Shoppers

Believe us or not, 70% of visitors end up abandoning their shopping carts. This high cart abandonment is a huge detriment to your conversion. Do not let the visitors go without making a purchase. Instead, try to acquire them through exit-intent strategies. You need to recognize when the customer is about to abandon a cart. You can use exit-intent technology to track visitors’ behavior. Once it detects visitors of closing the exit button, a popup message will immediately appear. This will momentarily catch your visitors’ attention. Within your popup message, make sure that you salvage these abandoning visitors with enticing last-minute offers. 

Add a Countdown Timer

countdown timer

To create a sense of urgency you can add a countdown timer to your promotions. If customers know that they have a limited time, they will be motivated to make a purchase decision quicker. Most consumers feel that they will complete their purchase at a later point in time even if you provide huge discounts and enticing promotions this is because online customers won’t buy until they find the cheapest price possible. This is when adding a countdown timer helps; if you add some serious time pressure, their decision-making process becomes a lot easier and faster

Write guides or tutorials to highlight your products

product tutorial video

Content marketing is another effective way for your long term conversion strategy. You can produce and distribute different content for various marketing objectives such as traffic or sales generation. But, if you want to use your content to boost conversion, write something that will showcase your products.  Writing guides or tutorials will not only help your potential customers with their day-to-day dilemma, but you could also use them as a means to promote your products by starting a tutorial video or a blog.


Achieving a highly converting online store starts by making sure that your potential customers can easily find the perfect products that they’re looking for. Optimizing your product page is also a conversion driver.


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