Top 5 Best Alternatives of


Glew is the multi-channel eCommerce analytics solution that helps marketers see all their data at a single place via easy-to-use, intuitive dashboards, an ingenious data warehouse, and custom reporting and visualizations. Glew converts data from your eCommerce platform into immediately actionable insights that support you to handle inventory, analyze seasonal buying trends, plan smart pricing … Read more

10 Best Shopify Analytics Apps

With so many other tasks involved in eCommerce brand marketing, how are you keeping a track of your store data? In 2020, if you are not monitoring your store data to improve the way your store works or customer segmentation, you might be out of the marketing game soon. Well!! There is a cohesive platform … Read more

Merging Shopify and Google Analytics Data


Shopify is great. It solves the issue, it’s an amazing SaaS product. And during all this pandemic more and more people are moving online using Shopify.  Now, most merchants rely on Google Analytics to track sales and revenues and track which channel generates how much revenues. GA is also an amazing product, solves major issues … Read more