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Glew is the multi-channel eCommerce analytics solution that helps marketers see all their data at a single place via easy-to-use, intuitive dashboards, an ingenious data warehouse, and custom reporting and visualizations.

Glew converts data from your eCommerce platform into immediately actionable insights that support you to handle inventory, analyze seasonal buying trends, plan smart pricing decisions, and boost your bottom line. 

In simpler terms, Glew for many eCommerce and marketing platforms is a tool with common eCommerce data viewpoints and integrations.

Glew integrates with Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook, Klaviyo, Mailchimp, ReCharge.

The starting price of Glew is $199.00 per month.

Despite its popularity, Glew’s pricing and complex platform are intimidating to most marketers. It gets a little complicated to manage data with Glew when your brand is evolving.

Fortunately, you’re in luck, as there are plenty of Glew alternatives out there, with features that will suit your needs better.

Top Alternatives of


Audiencefy is a comprehensive eCommerce Intelligence and Audience management tool to optimize your marketing campaign.

Audiencefy is one of the best and at the top of the list of customer segmentation and eCommerce analytics app. It can drive immense value to your Shopify store and boost your Shopify sales.

Audiencefy provides the data and insights every multichannel retailer needs to grow their business. 

It helps you check data from all the apps and tools you use – including Shopify, Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook, Klaviyo, Mailchimp, and more all in one place, to outsmart your streamlined reporting and lead you to identify opportunities, take action and see results – faster.


How is Audiencefy better than

  • Google Analytics and Shopify when integrated with your Audiencefy dashboard, provides you overall campaign knowledge about how your eCommerce store is performing. 
  • It understands your product Segments, for instance, best bundles or most profitable products, and breaks down every individual segment to explore more about what’s good or bad for your store’s performance.
  • In Customer Segmentation, it includes over 20+ unique segments that can be exported and uploaded into your preferred marketing platform. 
  • Many times large-scale data is a huge problem for reporting and analytics in eCommerce but to overcome this offers you valuable insights into the quality of consumer life and purchasing behavior.
  • With Audiencefy, you can export your segmented audiences with just a click of a button. It provides seamless integration with your eCommerce marketing platform to build customer segment lists within seconds
  • Audiencefy also has an advanced pre-filtering feature that you can use to get granular with targeting. You can use many eCommerce metrics as well such as average AOV, Customer LifeTime Value, revenue generated, and much more.
  • Audiencefy allows you to develop custom applications through third-party software like Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, and many more so that you can add features or improve your business activities.

Audiencefy is an incredible alternative to as it will help you to determine your popular products, reduce cart abandonment, and boost your sales and revenue by 200%.

Pricing – Forever free plan to $299 per month

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Shoppr is an analytics-focused customer science platform that offers the often missing integrated customer view to e-commerce marketers and enables them to reach out to the right targeted customers with the right product at the right time.

Shoppr sets out Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning powered analytical solutions to draw data from your eCommerce platform and merges data from different marketing channels.

Shoppr runs on many eCommerce platforms like Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and many others and streamlines their Marketing and Growth operations, using data-driven insights and reports.


How is Shoppr better than

  • Shoppr facilitates Sales and Order Analytics to you such as from knowing your best-performing groups/categories to knowing your best-performing products, it has all.
  • Often it is difficult to run a campaign that actually converts good revenue. To subdue this, Shoppr offers easy understanding analytics with profound knowledge on Facebook, Google & MailChimp integration to empower targeting certain customers on these Ad platforms and aiding you to make the most of your Ad spend.
  • Shoppr provides in-depth details of your customers and their behavior. It also helps gain more customers by personalizing your marketing campaigns based on your customer segments.
  • Shoppr with smart content recommendations for social media channels drives engagement for existing and new customers.
  • Shoppr also puts forward auto-generated marketing campaigns based on deep analytics of customer behavior.

Shoppr is an impressive alternative to as it permits you to understand and analyze your customers better to sell and earn more!

Pricing – $20 per month to $100 per month

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Revtap is an eCommerce analytics platform that will connect with your Shopify store, marketing, and analytics tools, and convert all data into actionable to drive Shopify sales.

Revtap establishes data-driven decisions on your inventory, the discounts you want to give, the market you want to work with, and the marketing channels you select.

It also scales down your Ad expense, and your customer acquisition cost and boosts your sales and revenue.


How is Revtap better than

  • Revtap from products to customers helps you capture all data to one dashboard, generating customer and product segments to help you personalize promotions and enhance Shopify sales.
  • Revtap provides customer analytics reports to design customer segments based on your users – how they engage with your store, and their buying behavior. You can utilize this data to personalize the user’s journey to boost revenue.
  • Revtap also offers product analytics reports that can help you create product segments based on the consumer buying behavior and product line performance to plan your inventory better for optimizing profits.
  • You can also track and analyze how many of your visitors abandoned a product after they decided to purchase. Revtap can help you reach out to them with exciting offers to drive more sales. You can also have an insight on which coupons are used, mode of payment, and shipping is chosen.
  • Revtap smartly prices tag your products and restock inventory based on actual demand to increase business profits.

Revtal is a great alternative to as it can pull data directly from your marketing apps Google Analytics and increase ROI in no time.

Pricing – Free to $49.99/ per month

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Segments.tresl is a segmentation analytic platform That helps you increase repeat revenue with prebuilt segmentation and actionable insights

Segments offer innate store insights, intuitive reports, and automated segmentation for your eCommerce marketing campaigns.

Segments also integrate with Klaviyo, Mailchimp, Facebook Audience, ReCharge, ActiveCampaign, Google Audience.

How is Segments.tresl better than

  • Segments offer marketers with data analytics services that allow them to collect massive amounts of data from various sources and promptly convert it into more coherent reports and analytics without extra efforts.
  • Segments enable you to capture any sort of data from each touchpoint or platform. Such platforms can be mobile devices and operating systems, websites, blogs, servers, and cloud-based applications such as CRMs, payment gateways, and more.
  • Segments facilitate the data analytics method by offering marketers a central point or a single JavaScript client that collects and granules data and then delivers it to your preferred analytics services which are very effective as you do not have to install a separate data analytics application like Google Analytics for this. 
  • Segments downturn the need for marketing people as you can now individually manage the analytics tools.
  • Segments is a robust API that permits stores to collect all analytics data on their websites, and then stream the same data to the similar analytics platform you are using.

Segments are a powerful alternative to as it is specifically built for B2B service providers who need easy-to-use analytics tools to help them understand and manage their data better. 

Pricing – $79 to $239

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Conversific is a novel kind of store analytics tool for Shopify and Woocommerce that assists you to maximize your traffic and conversion, collect better data, and enhance your online store sales.

It offers actionable analytics & reports to make sense of your customer data.

Conversific is the most advanced tool to design and create your 100% free account in just 60 seconds.

Conversific Integrates with Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Facebook ads.


How is Conversific better than

  • Conversific along with Google Analytics can make it easy to segment eCommerce metrics for each report and make breathtaking and simple one-pagers. It offers everything you need to make the smart market decision on one page, with all the related context you need.
  • Conversific will exhibit you all product insights as to which products and categories should be featured, which products aren’t good enough, and which products would be helpful from the bundle.
  • Conversific provides weekly & monthly Reports based on your dashboard so you can be up to date with the most important figures of your online store even while you are on vacation as you don’t need to login to Google Analytics every single day.
  • Coversific offers actionable tips based on your metrics and reports to enhance conversions that will help you expand your business much more than those platforms just gathering data.
  • With Conversific you can find your best selling products and under-performing products effortlessly.
  • Conversific tracks and analyzes your data to determine who your loyal customers are so you can sell more to them with their 10+ unique customer segments.

Conversific is a perfect alternative to as it has exceptional algorithms to tell you which products would benefit you the most from the bundle.

Pricing – Free to $199 per month

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Final Thoughts

Glew is an efficient business intelligence and analytics platform created for marketers that want to sell more while saving time and resources. 

The platform offers a striking array of features that work to the advantage of eCommerce marketers.

But sometimes even a powerful technology has few drawbacks which favor other tools to support customers with their exceptional features.

In today’s analytic market, there are many excellent Alternatives. The above five analytic tools with amazing features and pricing are the best shortlist for your purchase.

However, if you are looking for an advanced eCommerce Analytics and Audience management platform to make smarter marketing decisions, at a reasonable and affordable price that can grow your Shopify sales and rapidly enhance your eCommerce revenue, then try Audiencefy today.


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