10 Best Growth-Hacking Tools for eCommerce

A growth hacking mindset, though, is just as helpful in eCommerce. Traditionally, growth hacking describes how online services and tech startups gain new users. Store owners are now less dependent on developers to do complex analyses, tests, optimizations, etc in order to scale up their business. With a relentless focus on growth, you can develop and run tests, campaigns, and programs that drive more online sales.

eCommerce sales are are a bit different than making a purchase in person. The regular sales tactics don’t translate perfectly. For this reason, you want to have the right eCommerce growth hacking tools that will explode your online traffic and trigger sales on your website and it is said: “A growth hacker is only as good as the tools he has.” 

That’s why I’ve compiled 10 of the best growth hacking tools that you can experiment with to make your marketing processes more efficient.

But first, let us understand What constitutes growth hacking funnel? It’s a way to visualize the different stages of interaction with your customers. Growth online is typically measured in terms of traffic and volume and to make this task less complex for you, I have done the hard bit for you. 

Continue reading to know more about the strategies and tools used by successful startups for growth hacking.

The growth hacking funnel consists of AARRR metrics which is:






We shall take a closer look at how can you use certain tools to leverage your marketing in these areas

Growth-Hacking Tools for eCommerce



Audiencefy is the best customer segmentation and eCommerce analytics app. That will help you grow your Shopify sales and exponentially increase eCommerce revenue. Audiencefy integrates with your Shopify store to automatically populate customers’ order information, individual customer data, and journey, analytics, insights and more.

Top Features:

Executive Summary of Your Store

Predefined Customer Segment

Individual Customer Data & Journey

Order & Product Analytics

Referral Candy

referral candy

ReferralCandy is an awesome tool that enables your customers to earn referral bonuses when they share your store with their friends. This makes spreading the word about your store simple and easy. Major tech companies have successfully utilized referral marketing as a channel to grow and build their user base.

Creating a referral program is not a tactic reserved only for the tech elite. ReferralCandy allows you to set one up fairly quickly all you have to do is to install it on your preferred eCommerce platform, set up your incentives and you’re good to go. You can set up your referral program without getting developers involved. By looking at the generated report in the app dashboard, you can compare your campaign with the average industry metrics & make adjustments to improve your program.

Top Features:

  • Easy to set up.
  • Simple enough for your customers to share with their friends and family.
  • Encourages repeat customers through rewards for referrals.
  • Affordable.
  • Customize your referral program. 
  • Detailed report on your campaign performance. 
  • Suggestions to improve your referral rates.

Crazy Egg


CrazyEgg allows gaining insights into what visitors tend to click on your pages. You can learn about the number of clicks on a section and the engagement of a page. You no longer have to rely on multiple A/B tests to get the analytics about your visitors.

Top Features:

  • Discover your visitor’s click behavior.
  • Fine-tune your message and know you’ve implemented the best solution.
  • Identify your storefront areas which could be improved. 
  • Give suggestions to optimize your store for better conversions.



Email marketing is a core growth hacking strategy and MailChimp is an email marketing software that has got to be included in any list of growth hacking tools. 

Why? For a start, it’s free for up to 2,000 subscribers or 12,000 emails a month, which is more than enough when you’re starting out and your business is cost-effective. 

Mailchimp also has a great email creation wizard, lots of templates, and even email workflows to help you get started. Plus, there’s a wealth of information in their knowledgebase.

Top Features:

  • Customizable sign up forms
  • Automate routine mailing tasks
  • Segment subscribers
  • Send targeted emails based on open/click history​
  • Integrate with various tools 
  • Effective email templates. 
  • Suggestions to improve your email marketing. 



Klaviyo helps send automated and personalized emails based on your customer data. This email marketing solution integrates with multiple platforms and tools to pull in more data around browsing activity, shopping patterns, and overall engagement for every contact. This email marketing tool has a super intuitive editor. In the app dashboard, the statistics of sent emails are presented clearly in order to monitor and optimize your email campaign.

Top Features:

  • Create triggered emails with smart rules
  • Integrate with many platforms
  • Accurate statistics to measure email performance



OptiMonk is an onsite retargeting tool that captures leaving visitors with more than just a simple Exit-Intent technology. This technology detects user behavior and prompts them with a targeted campaign at the precise moment they are about to leave.

You can also use OptiMonk for your website to Capture leaving visitors with onsite retargeting. Onsite retargeting works by presenting a highly targeted offer at the exact moment the visitor is leaving the page.

OptiMonk is able to integrate two highly important pieces of information, namely:

  • What they’re currently reading/visiting on your page
  • The referring source (e.g Facebook, Google, etc.)

The integration of these separate pieces of information allows OptiMonk to send highly relevant offers to the visitor who is currently leaving.

Top Features:

  • Onsite Retargeting
  • Referrer Detection
  • Page-Level Targeting
  • Geo-Location Targeting
  • OnSite Follow Up Campaigns



BuzzSumo allows you to gain insight into what content will be the best for a particular keyword. It helps you to spy on your competition. Buzz Sumo is an excellent tool for tracking social shares, but it also works well for finding influencers who’ve shared your content.

Click on View Sharers next to the title of any piece of content, and you’ll get more detail on their page and domain authority and Twitter engagement. Use this information to collect a list of contacts for an influencer marketing campaign – another proven way to drive growth.

Top Features:

  • Find the best content for a keyword
  • Learn strategies and techniques to make your content available to your target audience.
  • Know what titles work best for social media marketing and blogging.
  • Discover influencers in your industry who can promote your brand.



Marketo helps with marketing through its powerful marketing automation features. It offers a suite of tools that help businesses cover marketing automation, email and campaign management, and analytics.

Top Features:

  • Rapidly launch highly-targeted campaigns across your marketing channels to generate more revenue with less effort
  • Build automated campaigns that will create and maintain long-term, personal relationships with consumers across channels.
  • Simplifies marketing planning



How do you uncover what your competitors have been up to? Use Ahrefs! The tool uncovers almost every metric you’ll need to analyze what your competitors are doing with their SEO strategy so you can get an upper hand on them.  

Ahrefs helps you learn why your competitors are ranking so high, and what you need to do to outrank them. One of Ahrefs’ features is allowing you to discover the pages that are sending your competitor the most organic traffic.  Through Ahrefs you can also find out what kind of links your competitor is earning, who has linked to your competitor, but not to you, and copy. 

For all store owners, marketers who are using SEO as a marketing strategy to grow their online business, Ahrefs is one of the most powerful tools to research and spy your competitor’s backlinks.

Top Features:

  • Spy your competitors to discover channels that are sending them the most organic traffic. 
  • Powerful keyword research feature. 
  • Deep dive into your online store to improve SEO performance.



Visual Website Optimizer is an A/B testing and conversion optimization tool. VWO is an analytic tool that allows marketers, store owners, and analysts to create A/B tests without having any technical or HTML knowledge. The tool also integrates with Google Analytics so that you can test different versions of your online stores or landing pages in VWO.

Top Features:

  • Easy to use interface for A/B testing
  • Multiple testing campaigns to select from
  • Geo-targeting and behavioral targeting
  • A point-and-click editor (no technical knowledge required).
  • Gather the information to make smart analytical charts. 
  • Integrates with Google Analytics.

Final Thoughts

The 10 tools profiled above can help you acquire customers at scale, or do your existing tasks more effectively. The best part? They offer a free trial for you to test it out and play with. Take advantage of that, and try out the tools. Who knows? They might just become an indispensable part of your toolbox.


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